Spring 2018 Startup Runway Preflight Pitch #3

This is a private event for the startups that have applied and are selected for the Preflight Pitch Rounds. Does your startup have what it takes? Find out how to be considered for our Spring 2017 Startup Runway series.

Startup Runway connects sophisticated investors with high opportunity, high impact startups by sourcing the best of traditionally overlooked technical founding teams. Our program is built to coach and connect top performing founders who are building game-changing technologies with curated early stage technology industry investors and mentors.

Who Should Apply:
+For-profit startups headquartered in the Southeast
+Women- or minority-led
+At least $10K in monthly revenue OR at least 1000 daily users
+Have not raised money from an institutional investor or more than $100K from angels

Here’s How We Score Your Application:
Team Score: 1-5
Hypergrowth Potential – Your business model (ie, software subscription service, etc.) is likely to grow in triple or double digits. Show us why and your early results.
Product & Traction Visible – you have something you can show; a working product with real customers.
Customer Validation – You have at least $30K in month.

Apply to pitch by March 31!

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