borrowing-magnolia-graphic Borrowing Magnolia is a digital brokerage service for wedding dresses - they broker rentals and sales between dress owners and brides-to-be by utilizing technology and the share-economy to answer an unmet need in the market for both the modern bride and former brides. They have developed a proprietary fit technology, MyFit, which uses basic information about a woman to match her to wedding dresses in their collection that will fit with a high degree of accuracy, resulting in an e-commerce shopping experience where traditional sizing becomes obsolete.
craft-box-girls-graphic Craft Box Girls is a creative do it yourself lifestyle platform for millennials to discover creative and engaging DIY projects, crafts, party how-to’s and simple recipes. On their site you will find creative inspiration and step by step how-to's for every aspect of life. They are the creators of "National DIY day," Lifestyle Bloggers Society, and have a channel on Apple TV and are featured on local Atlanta TV.
dss Diversity Spend Solutions is a business intelligence strategy, technology and consulting firm that has unique experience in developing and implementing the business and technical infrastructure to support Diversity and Inclusion (D&I) initiatives. Their expertise is in the integration of diversity related initiatives with an organization’s strategic imperatives.
kandidly-graphic The winners of our inaugural Startup Runway Showcase,, is an online marketplace to find, book, or become a photographer. Whether you're an amateur photographer who has a passion for the candids or a professional who has been taking photographs for years, provides a platform to interact with new people at any price point. With an expanding community of talent photographers across the states, makes it easy and exciting to be in the moment.
sky-medicus SkyMedicus is a leader in the medical tourism industry: connecting patients with their global network of over 500 world leaders in medicine. When healthcare solutions aren't affordable or available locally, SkyMedicus is a one-stop shop that coordinates both care and travel. For the past decade, they have helped thousands of patients find the affordable care and cures they have required or desired for years.
empowrd-graphic Empowrd is an application that works as a database to provide instant access to your local leaders and agencies. Their Leader Search feature identifies and connects you to all elected officials who represent you from your local office to the White House, and provides you with their stances on various policies. They provide easy access to information to promote informed civic engagement.
gallium-group-graphic Gallium Group organizes customer transactions, tying the details to the dollars. They use a SAAS (Service As A Software) technology to provide end-to-end management of form and data rich processes, from technicians to on-boarding, and end customer to accounting. They make it easier to get your due.
koverd-graphic Kovered is a talent sourcing and workflow management platform for branded entertainment, actors, artists, and musicians. Kovered gives artists access to new ways to monetize their work - beyond the status quo. They do this by facilitating the business side of branded entertainment collaborations all on one platform: from discovery to signing to renewing the relationship.