Startup Runway #5

The Labz

The LABZ is a collaborative workspace that provides automated tracking, rights management and protection of your digital assets during and after you create. Backed by Blockchain, store your music and share securely with The LABZ.

Winner: Farah Allen - The Labz

Cassy Gibson

Andy Okala

Bobby Gilbert

Danielle Major

Mary Kopczynski, J.D/Ph.D.

Umama Kibria

India Aleah Hayes

Courtney "Coko" Eason

Hannah Eherenfeldt

Joel Nkounkou

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The Judges

Robin Bienfait

Partner, Valor Ventures

A.T. Gimbel

Partner at Atlanta Ventures

Aaron Hurst

Managing Director, Endeavor Atlanta

Scott Lopano

Associate, Tech Square Ventures

Hunter Hartwell

Principal at Forté Ventures

Emery Waddell

Venture Investor, Vocap Investment Partners

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