Startup Runway Founders Guide

Our founders guide helps you navigate the entire Startup Runway process--from learning about what investors are looking for to pitching for cash prizes at our showcase events.

How you participate in peer scoring

How do we pick the top 10% of minority led startups in the region?

How Startup Runway works: an overview

Here’s the Startup Runway experience in a nutshell–definitely read this before you pitch!

How to coach a pitch

To make the most of pitch practice, follow a structure–and have a blast.

Download your pitch workbook

One of our founders wrote us about about the difference Startup Runway makes: “Thank you for the insight and opportunity, the information you provided me was EXTREMELY valuable. I will put the pieces together and make this work, doing it as I type this 🙂 Thanks again! I look forward to showing you the results when I pitch again in a couple weeks!”